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Once upon a time, many years ago when OA started, things like farmers markets and organic food were considered fringe areas. Hippie. Crisp. Granola. Fast forward, and consumer demand has even made national chains like Kroger supply organic versions of almost everything. This is a profound change in the way Americans eat, and yet there is one major flaw that has not hit the national consciousness. This, dear reader, is clean cookware.

“We believe in the importance of being transparent about the materials your cookware is made from, and we share our reviews with any customer who asks,” says Knopman.

The non-stick cookware industry has long been characterized by chemical contamination. That is why we have spent more and more time looking for only the cleanest cookware for the preparation of our organic food. (To take advantage of our relentless search, check out our guide to non-toxic, non-stick cookware.)

In our quest, we couldn’t help but fall in love with Caraway, the clean cookware company that never lets us down. It doesn’t hurt that it’s beautiful too. Caraway quickly stands out from the crowd and has quickly become one of our favorite brands.

Caraway seed griddle, $ 95

In contrast to conventional PTFE (also known as Teflon), the clean cookware from Caraway consists of a ceramic non-stick coating. The so-gel method is far more environmentally friendly than PTFE. This technology, explains Kümmel growth manager Josh Knopman, not only offers a “naturally smooth ceramic surface” that is safer and healthier to use at home, but “also uses a lot less energy during production compared to traditional non-stick cookware production . This leads to lower emissions. “This compared to the hard anodizing that most PFA-based cookware is made with, which“ leaves behind a nasty chemical waste that must be safely disposed of ”. (This waste has been dumped in our drinking water for years. For more information on this dirty secret, please see our PFOA Legislation Timetable in the US.)

Caraway is California Prop 65 certified and offers the highest level of transparency. They closely monitor, test and visit their factories (before COVID) frequently. The company even went so far as to provide the Organic Authority with third-party lab test results showing that they are checking for heavy metal contamination.

“We believe in the importance of being transparent about the materials your cookware is made from, and we share our reviews with any customer who asks,” says Knopman. “We have used tests conducted by SGS (the same company as the FDA) to ensure that our cookware is 100% safe to use in every household. We encourage consumers to educate themselves about the materials they use in their home and the brands they buy accountable for creating safe products for all. “

There is also this devastatingly beautiful factor.

The caraway seed kit, $ 395.

The Caraway Seed Kit, $ 395.

To shed more light on science, founder Jordan Nathan provided answers to some of our most burning questions.

OA: Given the PFOA / PTFE scandal with Dupont and concerns about GenX chemicals, how does the production of ceramic-based cookware coatings differ from the production process for PTFE?

Jordan: Good question! ~ 95% of the US nonstick cookware market is made with PTFE-based coatings that in some cases previously contained PFOA. The newer PTFE is still potentially toxic if overheated / flaked. Our coatings consist of a sol-gel ceramic and are free of PFAs (such as PFOA / PTFE), lead, cadmium and other toxic metals. From a manufacturing point of view, we also do without any form of hard anodization, which is an uncomfortable manufacturing process in which the pans have to be placed in a sulfuric acid bath. Not only does this emit a lot of toxic fumes and emissions, but it is also typically improperly disposed of, creating acid waste that is extremely harmful and polluting. We use the sol-gel process to bond the ceramic coating to the aluminum core, which releases up to 60% less CO2 than standard non-stick cookware, which is hard anodized.

OA: Does Caraway Have Current Good Manufacturing Practices Certifications?

Jordan: We support manufacturing partners from BSCI and SMETA, where the employees are safe, are paid fairly, receive benefits and have regulated working hours. In addition, our cookware comes in recycled cardboard with no plastic bags, with little impact on printing inks and with 100% biodegradable cork coasters as it is one of our main tenants to be environmentally friendly.

OA: Can Kümmel offer third-party tests for heavy metals and other substances of concern that may be used during production?

Jordan: Yes! Our cookware has passed and passed tests for PTFE, lead and cadmium leaching, as well as LFGB, including PFOA and other metals. These tests were carried out by SGS, which is highly regarded and trusted around the world. The procedure used was CPSC-CH-E1003-09; CPSC is also highly regarded in the industry.

Caraway Saute Pan, $ 135

Caraway Saute Pan, $ 135

Caraway seed rating

After our editor-in-chief Laura Klein and our head chef have been using the caraway set for several months, they consider this set to be the “best designed” non-toxic and non-stick cookware set she has reviewed and call it the non-cookware -toxic cookware that corresponds best to conventional (PTFE) non-stick cookware.

After testing the frying pan, the frying pan, the saucepan and the Dutch oven for several months, Klein says: “It is by far my favorite of non-toxic, clean and non-stick cookware.”

Klein loves using caraway seeds for delicate items like eggs and fish. It is characterized by excellent heat storage and a certain weight, which leads to “better heat distribution without hot spots that conventional lightweight non-stick pans normally do not have”. The result? Even cooking and easy cleaning.

The product design is at the center of the caraway line and is available in five beautiful colors to match any home. It’s just one way that caraway seeds go beyond mere benefits.

“I love beautiful design and I’ll fully admit that I’m a sucker for it!” says Klein. “I love that I can choose my own color that matches my personal kitchen design aesthetic.”

The essence of really good product design, however, is that it has to work well. There are tons of great cookware on Instagram that just won’t stand up to everyday use. However, caraway is well thought out not only in its aesthetics, but also in its usefulness.

“I also like the notch on the handles of the pots and pans that tells you not to bring your hand closer to the cooking vessel or you could burn yourself,” says Klein, who also manages the pots and screen storage shelves loves lid holders and cork coasters are included in every set. These organizers fit in kitchen cabinets and make finding the right pan easier than ever.

Caraway Mangnetic Rack and Linen Lid Holder

Kümmel organization system in action.

“These storage devices are incredibly useful for small rooms and kitchens with limited storage space (and even when you have a lot of space!).”

To invest in cumin, we recommend the company’s best-selling cookware set, which includes four pots and pans, three lids (one of which fits two pans to optimize space), and the organizers.

The Caraway Seed Kit, $ 395.

The caraway seed kit, $ 395.

Buy caraway seeds now or take our Home Chef Quiz for more personal recommendations for clean cookware and exclusive offers.

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