Skincare merchandise that our male colleagues swear by

Skin care is for everyone and shouldn’t be limited to one gender. While we often talk about skin care from a feminine perspective, the truth is that our wide range of skin care products for men work just as well! However, skin thickness, texture, or sebum production can vary from person to person. To find a routine that is right for you (or your partner), it’s important to consider your skin type and specific concerns. Not sure what to look for? Some of our male staff have shared their favorite skin care tips below.


Noosa Basics: Foaming facial cleansing
Choose the one that best suits your skin, between the all-skin type and the acne-prone skin. It is important that you make sure that you find the one that suits your needs. This cleanser is super gentle and, thanks to rose water and camellia oil, also has calming properties. The acne-prone version is fortified with organic neroli hydrosol, a natural astringent that tones and firms the skin.

Madara Ultra Purifying Mud Mask
Perfect for revitalizing and cleaning your pores! You choose this mask when in need of a cleansing detox or when used regularly it can help absorb great oils and reduce all types of inflammation. It contains Nordic forest lake mud to close the pores. The mask also contains kaolin, a soft, clay-like mineral that helps clear problematic dirt, oil, pollutants, and other contaminants from pores and helps promote nutrient delivery.

Crop Natural Antioxidant Facial Toner
A toner that contains beautiful effective organic ingredients: pomegranate, marigold, rose hip and witch hazel that act as healthy antioxidants. Your daily companion to promote the balance of the skin and to remove excess oil.


Skin Juice Pineapple Punch Mattifying Face Cream
You can use it with Skin Juice Sun Juice Mineral SPF 15 or any other SPF moisturizer.
This face cream is made from Matilook, which is extracted from the quince tree and helps to reduce the shine. Combined with the properties of pineapple enzymes that exfoliate the skin and clog pores while delivering a juicy and fresh moisturizing hit. What we particularly like about this formula is that it is lightweight and then easily absorbed by the skin. Plus, the smell is delicious and sends you off to the tropics!

Hurray! Sun Lip Balm SPF15 – Mandarin & Chamomile
A sun lip balm that we all need all year round! The 15+ sun protection is a great advantage in combination with the Red Raspberry Seed Oil. It acts as a nourishing anti-inflammatory agent that absorbs the sun’s rays. The naturally thick oil stays creamy longer under the sun.


Brand: Crop Natural, Hurraw Lip Balm, Madara, Noosa Basics, Skin Juice

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