The Docs for the Hyperlink between Illness and Food regimen nonetheless do not find out about it

Research has shown the effects diet has on our health. However, our current medical system is still based on recommendations from outdated science. I’m here to tell you that what (and how) you eat is an integral part of your health and can even affect the expression of your genes.

However, eating healthy is so much more than counting calories and cutting down on sugar. It’s about understanding your individual nutritional needs and providing you with knowledge of how our foods affect our biology.

That is why my work as an integrative functional medicine doctor is to start with the intestines and what we build into our bodies.

We are part of the laws that govern nature. What we become and how we heal depends on what we eat and digest. I emphasize that these are both physical food and mental thoughts.

Functional medicine (and now conventional medicine) is learning more and more about the effects our gut has not only on our brains but also on the health of our entire body (see The Second Brain by neuroimmunologist Dr. Michael Gershon). Over 70% of our immune cells are made in our gut, and over 90% of our serotonin is also made in our gut.

In addition, Bruce Lipton, stem cell biologist and author of The Biology of Beliefs, said nutrition is the number one culture medium for physical health. (Things grow from a “culture medium” – it is your biological soil).

Without proper nutrition, the brain and mind cannot align themselves with health. If we choose to ignore the fundamentals on which our bodies function, how can we expect a healthy life full of vitality and joy?

Hence, the first physical step to optimal health is to heal our gut and optimize its role in maintaining our health. You can do this by starting with an organic and clean diet.

What does that mean?

Whether you are vegan, paleo or keto etc, you need to understand that organic is vital.

The entire job of our immune system is to recognize the foreign and to develop an immune response to protect us from what is seen as non-self and thus a threat to the body. The chemicals in inorganic foods, as well as the chemicals in processed foods, are viewed as foreign by our immune system. This leads to inflammation. Inflammation is the breeding ground for illness, leaky gut, and impaired brain function such as anxiety, insomnia, and ADD.

Dean Ornish, MD discussed the effects of a healthy diet on gene expression. In a study he conducted on prostate cancer, he found that more than 500 genes changed expression in just 90 days through diet changes and meditation.

This meant that harmful genetics were silenced as patients became less inflamed and healthier.

This powerful research was done over 20 years ago. Why do hospitals still serve jelly, macaroni and cheese? Rather than focusing on the problems facing healthcare today, we are here to provide science-based effective solutions.

This is where YOU come in!

We are here to empower you to be part of a movement that will revolutionize not only your health, but the health and survival of our species as well.

The way you live and the knowledge you possess have a huge impact on your health and affect your family, friends, and health care providers.

Our medical system is slow to change, and typically standards of care are about 10 years behind what research has shown. Many of my patients bring their family members to me in the hope that they will heal as they did; With a medical system out of date with nutrition and toxins, they are questioning this “new” (not new at all!) Science.

Diet is just the beginning. But it is the absolute foundation of healthy living or healthy healing.

We believe that you have all the ingredients needed to heal and we are committed to empowering you to be part of a movement that seeks big changes in our health system and the health and vitality of our species.

Our upcoming topics will focus on both the latest treatments and trends in medicine, as well as navigating online information on nutritional supplements and testing, as well as a health series focused on women! (We love you as men, too, and we definitely will speak to you too, but there is still a void in medicine and biohacking that doesn’t address women’s health needs.)

We have a lot of things in mind that we want to share with you, but we want to know what you need. We are here to help and we want to hear from you.

Together we can move this mountain and help more people take responsibility for their health so that we as a species can not only survive but also thrive!

We are very excited to share this journey with you.

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