What’s intuitive magnificence? The skincare development 2021

Have you ever looked at your skin and wondered what the hell is going on? Dry spots, blemishes, red spots, scales, rashes, what you call it. Turns out these are some tell-tale signs that your skin is trying to tell you something. But how do you know what it’s telling you? Enter, Intuitive Beauty, the latest skin care trend that promises impressive results. Below, Biologi’s skin specialist Lucy Macdougald shows why this is one of the top trends you need to know about.


“Intuitive Beauty” is the new trend that reveals your best skin yet. Yes, yes, we know you’ve heard this before. But listen to us. It has long been said that trusting your intuition is the ultimate act of believing, in which you give up control and only listen to your own (or sometimes others’ instincts).

Now imagine listening to your instincts when it comes to prescribing what your skin may need. Intuitive beauty is the process of analyzing your skin and implementing skin care care based on what actually happens. It’s about trusting your instincts about what your skin needs, and not just arbitrarily applying products according to your daily process. Here you use your products in loose rotation, depending on what your skin really needs, and not in a strict regime. Gone is the practice of step-by-step routines. Instead, welcome products that really resonate with your skin. Intuitive beauty deals with the skin problems and treats them according to what is really happening.

Part of the foundation for the success of Intuitive Beauty is skin mapping. Skin mapping is a method of identifying what is causing the skin to malfunction so that it can be treated holistically. Experts have long known that you can tell a lot about what happens to a person’s skin based on where it is on the face. By observing the complexion of the face – such as gloss, dullness, color, and breakouts – you can identify the root cause of skin problems and work towards correcting them. A good example is how an acne skin map works, showing the likely causes of blemishes based on where they are on the face:

Forehead & nose
* Improper digestion
* Irregular sleep
*Poor diet
* Hair conditions (dandruff, etc.)

Eyebrow area
* Hair care products
* Eyebrow, eye or face makeup
* Water absorption
* Problems with the gallbladder

Jaw & Chin
* Hormonal imbalance

* Dirty pillowcase
* Makeup brushes
* Mobile phone

* Bacteria build up
* Hormonal imbalance
* Allergic reaction to products

Using the guidelines above, experts (and you) can investigate the causes of errors and work towards treating them by prescribing the right products, regimens, and lifestyle changes.

A good example of intuitive beauty is Biologi’s range of products, which are tailored to specific skin problems. Does your skin look particularly dry? Apply the Bf Restore face and body serum by Biologi to the dry areas in the morning and watch how it unfolds its effect throughout the day. This does not mean that you cannot use the new Biologi Bm Regenerate Anti-Aging Serum[Bm Regenerate Anti-Ageing Serum] At night, especially when fine lines or wrinkles suddenly appear on your radar. This time of the month? Introduce a serum that works hard to soothe and reduce redness, like Biologi’s Bd Luminosity Face Serum.

Intuitive beauty is also about trusting your instincts when you feel like something is wrong and knowing when to consult the experts. It encourages people to do solid research and enlist the help of dermatologists and nutritionists to really get to the heart of the problem (or gut). After all, trusting your gut can sometimes be the best way to go.

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Lucy Macdougald is Global Managing Director and Dermal Specialist at Biologi. As a qualified and experienced skin specialist and lead laser technician, Lucy leads her current team to advise consumers on how best to use Biologi’s 100% Active Plant-Based Serums to solve individual skin problems for their skin type. You can follow Lucy HERE on Instagram and HERE Biologi.

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