Badass alert. (That is you.) It would be best to learn this vital announcement from OrganicAuthority.

Hello friends,

I am deviating a little from our usual format in order to share a few thoughts with you today. It will be short and sweet and I would love to hear from you.

The past year has been a wrecking ball for so many of us. Whether financially, professionally, physically or emotionally, everyone has been touched by the trauma of a pandemic and economic collapse. My heart goes out with compassion and care to each and every one of you, regardless of what individual struggles you have had or are having.

Something that this time gave me the opportunity to ponder organic authority itself amid the pain, stress, and the news cycle.

OA is 15 years old. It’s hard to believe when I say it! When I started out, I had no idea what it would be like to be a media company founder. There is enough discovery, drama, education, and validation to fill Moleskines for a lifetime.

When I started Organic Authority, my goal was just that: to create a resource that would be the authority on all things organic. To inspire people to vote with their dollar and choose organic foods at checkout. Then grocery stores, brands, Big Ag and conventional farmers would be forced to listen to consumer demand for clean organic food. Bring organic food and life into the mainstream. Many years later, organic foods and organic life are widely accepted and understood when they are not yet mainstream. I am grateful to the many other thinkers, writers, creators, artisans, entrepreneurs, and publishers who have helped advance organic life with us.

And yet, as I took stock of my hopes for 2021 in 2020 – not just my hopes for OA, but my hopes for you, our community, and our society – I realized that something else was calling me. In fact, that something has been with me for a very long time. When I honestly focused on it, the faint bubbling in the back of my mind turned into a tidal wave of conviction.

No question about it: Covid lets each and every one of us review our way of life. It shakes our foundations. Bring us to absolute ground. This is a unique opportunity to make real progress.

Now I’m not talking about political progress; I can’t solve the problems our leaders need to solve, like climate change, student loan debt, or healthcare. You can’t either. Not alone. But for me as a publisher who is blessed to share new ideas with an incredible community every day, there is something I can work on to solve it.

Soon we will be directing bio-authority in a new and necessary direction. We’ve been doing this long enough to see that there’s a big fat problem in the women’s media. Let’s call it White Waif Wellness. Let’s call it checklists of perfection instead of healthy progress.

People are happiest when they make progress in their life. Become a better you. Go beyond your fears and limits. Achieving “perfection” is a low standard in my opinion.


While I’ll be the first to admit that I care about my fitness and health, and like what I see in the mirror, I’ve never subscribed to being a conventional American consumer, associating wellness with supermodel, or being skinny with healthy. The Instagram look-like-a-model complex is just the latest manifestation of this ongoing media bias towards women.

Lately, brands’ efforts towards inclusiveness or body positivity seem far from authentic. We as the media still don’t get it right. There’s a whole lot of “you go girl” right next to “can’t find a celery juice filling?”

When I think of my friends, my rocks, my anchors, my lights; When I connect with you – I think what a disservice to women’s wellness media is doing all of us! It’s the same story the media has been selling to women for decades, just under a different name – wellness. There is always a new diet, a new tool, a new problem with us. In short: it’s a checklist.

I think a woman’s life is not all about being pegged to the spec. The women I trust and admire believe in progress, not perfection. You are strong and not helpless. They are naturally beautiful, not beautiful for their age.

And they are complex. They have what one of my friends calls “the juice”.

All that time has helped me realize that Organic Authority is not just about being the trusted authority on organic food and wellness ideas.


No; We will fearlessly assist you in being the authority in your own life. You. Your real you

I am sharing all of this with you because I want you to look forward to what lies ahead.

OA is getting a little wilder. Nervous. Honest. Unexpectedly. Real. Glad. Fun. And funny.

We have worked hard behind the scenes creating exciting new content and products for women to take the lead in their own lives. For the badasses who deserve a badass women wellness outlet. I can’t wait to share and hear from you. Bracket!

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PS We love our bad guys too. Stay tuned everyone!

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