Meet NESSA: Pores and skin Look after Postpartum Restoration

Pregnancy and after childbirth are one of the greatest and most important moments in a woman’s life. The body changes so quickly in such a short time: our most sensitive areas need to adapt and Nessa will become your best partner to help you start your motherhood journey.


Nessa was specially developed for mothers and celebrates your developing body with 100% natural, vegan certified, completely fragrance-free skin care. From pregnancy to menopause and everything in between, NESSA supports your skin when it is needed most.
More than ever, nipples and vagina need an incredible need for great care and hydration as you progress through your pregnancy and then begin the postpartum journey.
Follow our little guide to Nessa’s product and don’t be afraid of the change, embrace it.

1. Stage 1: Pregnancy – Prepare your body and mind to become a mother
When you enter this stage, and especially for the first time, you may not be aware of the importance of adding more time to one particular type of self-care. To prepare for childbirth, Nessa envisioned the Vagina Victory Oil. This collagen boosting oil contains antioxidants, vitamin E, mango butter and pomegranate oil to restore elasticity and reduce hormonal dryness. You can use it for perineal massage before and after childbirth.

As you near the due date, you can start using NESSA Crowning Glory Hair and Scalp Oil from 34 weeks to help prevent impending postpartum hair loss. Keeping a scalp as healthy as possible before the end will help you manage the hormonal changes and their effects. Apply 4-5 drops directly to the scalp, massage in before shampooing.


2. Stage 2: Early after birth
So much is happening at this stage, the hormones are playing in full swing, the body is being released from the baby’s weight, but still everything is starting to come back into place and that is A LOT.
For this reason, NESSA wants to offer you the best support you need during those first few days.
First things first: the Nipple SOS. You will see that you get cracked nipples very soon. Designed to save both cracked nipples and sore baby pants, this lanolin-free balm will become your best ally. You don’t have to worry about safety, it is 100% safe for both you and your baby so you don’t have to remove it before feeding.

Nipple SOS

3. Stage 3: From week 6 after the birth
If you’re a C-section soldier, the NESSA Scar Savior is exactly what you need. It contains powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric, marshmallow root, and vitamin E to penetrate the skin and speed up scar recovery. Scar Savior can be used once your caesarean stitches have been removed. Gently apply this dreamy balm to your scar and massage 2-3 times a day.

Scar saver

Keep doing the perineal massages you started during pregnancy with the Vagina Victory Oil. You will also find that introducing the habit of using NESSA Crowning Glory Hair Scalp Oil during pregnancy was a good idea to help reduce hair loss. Continue the entire postpartum journey to apply it, treating not only the scalp but also the dry ends by putting 1-2 drops on the palms of the hands and smoothing dry or wet hair from the center of the shaft.

Brand: NESSA

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