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Dolls for boys and trucks for girls – no problem. When it comes to our kids, give us pink shirts and dinosaur dresses and everything in between. But oddly enough, the gender binary in adult marketing is alive and well – especially when it comes to gifts. There are so many amazing, life-changing, how-did-I-work-without-these-products that men and women are missing out just because they aren’t marketed to all of us.

Guess what? We’re done with that. Because delicious, healthy and progressive living is not binary. Ladies? Hit the slam ball. Gentlemen? Peeling is your friend. This gift guide is full of items to help you look and feel good, from skin care products to soothing candles to beauty teas and the getaway you sorely miss.

1. Ziip Beauty Nano power device (Via Violet Gray)

via Zip Beauty

The Zip Beauty Nano Current Device increases the radiance of your skin, improves lymphatic drainage, kills acne bacteria and accelerates cell repair. It keeps your skin in top condition down to the cellular level. Plus, it’s wireless, easy to use, and offers instant skin enhancement. It’s the perfect gift for those who want to look their best every day but don’t have the time or money for a weekly spa facial.

Get it for $ 495 at

2. Stacked skin care micro-roller

The complete gift guide to the things everyone needs, regardless of gender

The Stacked Skincare Microroller offers microneedling for the home in a modern, super practical package. This tool improves the texture of the skin and removes dark spots. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles. 86 percent of those who have used the micro-roller say it promotes younger looking skin, and 82 percent said their skin looks plumper in just 12 weeks (this tool is a favorite of our own co-founder Laura Klein). Cruelty free, sustainable, and designed by Kerry Benjamin, Proesthetist, it’s an equally fabulous tool for men and women (though not a great choice if you have active acne).

Get it at for $ 106.25 (up from $ 125).

AnnMarie Beauty Blend Tea and Mug

The complete gift guide to the things everyone needs, regardless of gender

The AnnMarie Beauty Blend tea and mug is the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life. Includes a beauty mix tea and a super slim travel mug. The delicious tea is a full-bodied, slightly caffeinated yerba mate that gives your skin a beauty boost with herbs such as nettle and horsetail. The tea mug is the perfect way to have your beauty drink on the go. ($ 55)

Get it for $ 55 at

5. Baloo Living Weighted Blanket

The complete gift guide to the things everyone needs, regardless of gender

No matter what your day brings, this weighted blanket from Baloo Living will ensure that you sleep peacefully and invigoratingly. The blanket is available for double, queen, or king beds and weighs between 15 and 20 pounds. The weight automatically sends a signal to the nervous system and releases serotonin, which is converted into melatonin, making you sleepy. It’s like a warm hug that will make you fall asleep properly. And at a time when sleepless nights kill us all, this weighted blanket made of chemical-free, sustainable materials and soft, high-quality cotton is just the thing.

Listed at $ 169 on (use code GIFT20 and save 20%).

TCA Lactic & Glycolic face, body + lip peeling

The complete gift guide too

Winter skin is gone … your fifteen will be siked when they unwrap this super thoughtful gift. The TCA Lactic and Glycolic Face Peel offers an overnight skin break. The peeling contains five “high-performance acids” that reappear, smooth uneven surfaces, work on dark spots and soften fine lines. Prevents breakouts and clears pore blockages without drying out the skin too much. Use 3-5 times a week. The TCA Multi-Acid Body Peel is perfect for those who want to get rid of acne on the back. Oh, and while you’re at it, slide it down the back of your hands, knees, and arms where the skin looks a little creepy and shows dark spots. And the moisturizing lip scrub is the secret to smoothing out soft, kissable lips. All of the stacked skin care products are vegan and cruelty free.

Buy scrubs at

REI Flexlite Coop chair

The Complete Gift Guide To The Things Everyone Needs, Regardless Of Gender

This year, the only socializing that is considered safe is carried out outdoors and at a distance of two meters from each other. And the safest thing to do is to bring your own chair. Step into the REI Flexlite Dreamer Chair. It’s portable, durable, and convenient whether you’re going to your best friend’s garden or deep in the woods on a camping trip. It has a removable cushion and mesh pockets and has been updated from previous versions to make the seat more relaxed. It’s lightweight, water-repellent, and folds up easily for storage. It is also made from sustainable materials.

Get it for $ 99.95 at

UMA OILS Pure Calm Wellness Candle

The Complete Gift Guide To The Things Everyone Needs, Regardless Of Gender

This year has been a wild ride and many of us just need to relax. With most of our relaxation happening at home these days, this UMA OILS Pure Calm Wellness candle is a great way to enjoy a little peace and quiet in a hectic world. This candle consists of numerous relaxants such as chamomile, lavender and vetiver and a luxurious scent with rose and geranium oil. It softens and soothes the nervous system on the days when you need it most. Burn for more than four hours at a time for best results. ($ 68)

Get it for $ 68 at

TRX home gymnastics systems

The complete gift guide too

We all need a little resistance work, and these TRX Home Gym Systems keep a body strong without ever leaving your home. The TRX HOME2 SYSTEM ($ 159.99) is a great place to get started, whether you’re exercising at home or on the go. The TRX RIP TRAINER ($ 151.95) strengthens your core from the inside out. It also improves your agility, stamina, and your balance. And for a strength stocking workout, this TRX SLAM BALL ($ 23.95) works every muscle in your body in one (ladies, it’s also a great stress reliever usually reserved for men!).

See what’s for sale on

Cork Yoga Block by Manduka

The complete gift guide to the things everyone needs, regardless of gender

We are all trying to improve our home yoga practice, and this Cork Yoga block from Manduka is just the thing to help you take you to the next level. It’s made from sustainable cork but has the strength and durability of a traditional block. For the yogi or yogini in your life, do poses that you have never dreamed of. Lightweight, resilient, and easy to grip, this block will delight your fifteen. ($ 20)

Get it for $ 20 at

Crowd Cow sustainable meat

The complete gift guide to the things everyone needs, regardless of gender

With Crowd Cow you can enjoy the best of sustainable meat and choose your favorite cuts. The company only sources from the best farms, and unlike other farm boxes, you can choose the cuts in each box. Order your fifteen a monthly box that comes right on their doorstep and they can enjoy beef, pork, chicken, seafood and wagyu from farms with the highest ethical standards. All meats are raised without hormones or antibiotics, and every 100 percent compostable box comes with cooking instructions so that every fifteen people can get the most out of their proteins.

Gifts start at $ 55 at

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