Easy methods to Create Your Dwelling Spa Facial Utilizing Retreatment Botanics

At the events of 2020, many of us took on beauty and skin treatments in our homes. It was a home improvement time and we have to say we loved the convenience! Taking care of our skin with nourishing treatments does not have to be limited to our salon or spa visits. We have seen this is just as important daily and weekly as well.


Achieving spa results at home is the inspiration behind the popular Retreatment Botanics skin care range. The products are featured in the award-winning facials at Gaia Retreat & Spa in the Byron Bay hinterland. Co-founder Olivia Newton-John and her team of experts at Gaia originally developed their luxury, high-performance products so that guests at home could achieve the same spa results and experiences every day.

Over the past few months, two of our Nourished Life team members have been fortunate enough to attend the beautiful Gaia Retreat and experience the incredible spa treatments firsthand. They glowed from the inside out – and admittedly didn’t want to leave! Thankfully, we can all create the same blissful feeling while transforming our skin with this home spa facial from Retreatment Botanics:

Let go of the ‘routine’
Routines can feel like a chore, and bringing more tedious routines into your daily life is hardly inspiring! Created a skin care range for a legendary wellness spa, Retreatment Botanics has always encouraged people to let go of the routine and practice daily rituals that improve their wellbeing. Skin care rituals can create a moment for you to set intentions for yourself and your skin health, as well as an opportunity to relax your emotions and help you stay calm and centered.

Retreatment Botanics Skin Care

How do I create a skin care ritual?
At the beginning of your skin care ritual, take a moment to take a few deep breaths while you apply your products. Relax your facial muscles as you massage the product upwards in gentle, circular motions and enjoy the pure aromas of essential oils that are reminiscent of the healing journey of a day spa treatment. Continue your deep, relaxing breaths … Breathe in slowly through your nose, then exhale deeply as you imagine the mental and physical tension subsiding.

Daily skin nutrition
The daily ritual of Retreatment Botanics combines anti-aging formulas for amazing results with the benefit of self-care.


Daily cleansing (AM & PM) offers the opportunity to set your intentions first in the morning and to reduce stress in the evening.

The Purifying Gel Cleanser & Radiance Cream Cleanser thoroughly cleanses the skin and gently removes impurities and surface dirt.

Retreatment Botanics Restore Serum

By applying nourishing serums in AM & PM, you can massage your face gently and relieve tension and stress. Serums are an important part of your ritual as they contain active and effective ingredients that you can use to fill in and target your skin problems.

The Kakadu Brightening Serum is an intensive vitamin C serum that works against hyperpigmentation, sun spots, blemishes and uneven skin tone.

The Restore Serum is a powerful superfood facial oil elixir that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for vibrant, radiant skin.

Moisturizing your skin in AM and PM relaxes your emotions as you inhale deeply the divine scents and set the intent for beautiful, healthy skin.

Light Hydrating Moisturizer and Ultra Rich Moisturizer moisturize your skin to promote elasticity while protecting it from environmental damage.

Weekly skin treatment
Allowing a little more time each week to treat your skin to a facial at home will boost your wellbeing and improve your skin care results.

Gently exfoliate with the Refining Face Polish 1-2 times a week after cleansing to break up dull surface buildups and remove excess dirt, oil and impurities for a soft, smooth and glowing complexion.

Pamper yourself and get the glow
After polishing, pamper your skin with a nutrient-rich Instant Glow Face Masque to visibly brighten and renew the skin and at the same time awaken the senses of the day spa. This mask clears, smooths and prepares your skin for the maximum penetration of all other products.

Brand: Retreatment Botanics

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