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“I love beauty in every form, I love landscapes, plants, art, especially music. I try to express images and moods that arise from these impressions in my products.” Let’s dive into the magic of creation behind the Less is More brand with its co-founder Dr. Doris Brandhuber.

What is the philosophy behind the brand?

The essentials count. By concentrating on the essentials, Less is More connects the needs of customers with the concerns of the world. Biologically exquisite, naturally pure and completely native.

Functionally highly effective, professionally unique and progressive in all respects. Less is more is always less and at the same time more and more. Socially fair, future-oriented, clean and consistently transparent. Beautiful, aesthetic, consciously natural and very gentle.

Why did you start with “less is more”? What was your motivation?

It was the great AHA experience when I examined the cosmetic products in the Hannes Salon for the first time 13 years ago, not as a consumer, but as a chemist. This line, like so many other “green” salon brands, has turned out to be a typical greenwashing line, which is marketed with essential oils and pure nature, in many petroleum-based raw materials, poorly biodegradable conditioner active ingredients that pollute our water, preservatives high allergy potential etc.

I then did further research and couldn’t find a salon line that met its green standards and if it did, the line was functionally and aesthetically completely unattractive. With Less is More, Hannes and I have realized our vision of an honest, healthy, environmentally friendly, functional salon line in organic quality.

Can you tell us something about your passion for new formulations?

Creating new products is one of the tasks that I enjoy most, and one of the things I am really passionate about. There is still a long way to go from the idea of ​​finally seeing the product in shops and salons, so patience is required. Ideas can literally arise anywhere: from customer feedback, new ingredients on the market or they come from within.

The creation process of a new product comprises two phases: desk work and the phase “from laboratory to production”. First, a lot of research has to be done, such as checking the framework conditions (legal requirements, organic certification, know-how, etc.), detailed research on ingredients (effectiveness studies, costs, health aspects, environmental performance, etc.) and the design of the product (formulation, fragrance, effect & Texture, etc.).

Less is more collection

Fun fact:
When I wear my big headphones and the glass door is closed, my employees know for sure that I am now in the phase of creating and thinking something new. In the second phase, the recipe is developed and extensively tested in the laboratory and, of course, in practice. Then the preparation for production and sales begins.

How and why did you develop the Cajeput Shampoo & Conditioner?

Like all of our products, the formulations of the Cajeput Pure Balance Shampoo and Conditioner are intended to promote the health of skin and hair, sensual pleasure as well as targeted hair care and styling aesthetics.

The Cajeput shampoo and conditioner were one of the first Less is More products ever developed. The aim was to offer a kind of all-rounder that can be used by any hair type and gives the hair moisture and a nice healthy shine. Since it is also our mildest line, we also call it the “family line”, as it is also suitable for toddlers and even babies (from 6 months), so it can be used by every family member.

Is there a special benefit to the Kajeput line for essential oils?

Aromatherapy and the use of natural, organic essential oils are important components of Less is
More products. The targeted use of essential oils optimizes the functionality of Less is More
Products and refines their efficiency in terms of wellbeing.

As the name suggests – in the Cajeput Pure Balance line, the essential oil of cajeput is the most important
Part of the essential oil blend. Essential oils always have an effect on the mind and body.

Cajeput has a balancing and clarifying effect and is very mild. It also has a stimulating effect
Effect on hair growth and tones the scalp.

Less is more cajeput

Less is more Cajeput Pure Balance Shampoo – gentle, balancing sulfate-free formula that gives your hair a healthy shine and protects against moisture loss. For all hair types.

Less is more Cajeput Pure Balance Conditioner – bioactive care complex that smooths the hair surface, locks in moisture and shine, improves combability and makes every hair type wonderfully supple without weighing it down.

All Less is More shampoos and conditioners are concentrated. Use an almond-sized amount of the product for short to medium length hair, a walnut size for long hair.

Less is more founder

Co-founder: Dr. Doris Brandhuber, chemist & aromatherapist and Hannes Trummer, hairstylist & trainer.

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