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It’s no secret that pai skincare is loved by celebrities everywhere – especially Natalie Portman, who reaches for pai to moisturize her delicate skin.

In an interview, Natalie said:
“I get pai – it’s organic – and use her eye cream. You have a rose oil. Sometimes I do the moisturizing mask when I am flying. I like the smell of all of these products. They feel good and the scents make a difference. “

It’s not just Natalie Portman who loves this skin care routine, Mila Kunis and Saoirse Ronan also shared their favorite skin care secret … Pai!

Angelina Jolie even used it when she was on the set of the Disney movie Maleficent. Emma Watson and her makeup artist are also fans of the Pioneer Mattifying Moisturizer and Feather Canyon Eye Cream to prepare the skin for long-lasting makeup on the red carpet.

In Natalie Portman’s Beauty Bag

1. The Anthemis Soothing Moisturizer – Currently 20% discount
Natalie mentioned that she especially loves the Pai Chamomile & Rosehip Soothing Moisturizer. It’s perfect for people with sensitive skin and it’s vegan too!

2. Pai Century Flower Soothing Tonic – Currently 20% off
She told Elle Magazine that she loves Pai’s Century Flower Soothing Tonic because it reminds her of her garden! It’s an alcohol-free toner with antioxidants and soothing, calming properties – ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

3. Pai Polly Plum Comforting Body Cream – Currently 20% discount
The body cream provides intensive moisture, but is not greasy and uses the aroma of jasmine and orange peel to care for all skin types. The Polly Plum Body Cream is rich, non-greasy and specially developed for mature, dry, irritated or inflamed skin.

4. Pai Feather Canyon Eye Cream – Currently 20% discount
Feather Canyon Eye Cream is gentle enough for sensitive skin – also for very dry skin, rosacea and mild forms of eczema and dermatitis. It’s soothing and helps keep your sensitive skin healthy, plump, and smooth.

Pai The Anthemis Soothing Moisturizer

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