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What’s Bakuchiol? | Nourished life Australia

If I find any natural ingredient seriously changing my skin, all I have to do is share it with you! I’ve loved the benefits of bakuchiol-rich skin care lately. This natural, vegan ingredient is an antiaging powerhouse and has benefits similar to retinol! By Irene Falcone To help you decide if Bakuchiol is the natural […]

The Prime 7 Advantages Of Bakuchiol: Nature’s Retinol

We’ve all heard of retinol – an anti-aging powerhouse that boosts cell turnover and helps with everything from acne to fine lines, wrinkles, and sunspots. Despite its benefits, many of us remain wary of retinol and instead look for natural, botanical alternatives that won’t sensitize already stressed skin. By Irene Falcone Enter: Bakuchiol. Dubbed nature’s […]