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My food regimen would not have a generic time period, but it surely’s the healthiest I’ve ever felt

After trying all sorts of “healthy” diets for years, from low calorie to low carb, vegetarian, vegan to paleo, I finally found the diet that works for me. Although my diet is not an umbrella term, it is the best and healthiest I’ve ever felt in my life. Getting there, however, was a journey of […]

The way to Discover Your ‘Carb Tolerance’ With the Keto Food regimen (in Three Straightforward Steps)

*Affiliate disclosure.  You’ve probably heard of the ketogenic or keto diet, the high-fat, low-carb philosophy thanks to its contributions to weight loss, anti-inflammatory benefits, and improved health and well-being. These seemingly magical effects aren’t magic at all: they’re a simple result of the way the keto diet trains your body to get its energy not from […]

The Docs for the Hyperlink between Illness and Food regimen nonetheless do not find out about it

Research has shown the effects diet has on our health. However, our current medical system is still based on recommendations from outdated science. I’m here to tell you that what (and how) you eat is an integral part of your health and can even affect the expression of your genes. However, eating healthy is so […]