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Prime 9 Pure Hair Loss Cures

It’s always gut-wrenching when you check the hairbrush and see all the hair that came loose, or worse yet, checking the drain after a long shower. So many of us are paranoid about our hair thinning and falling out, but worrying only makes it worse! It’s normal to lose anywhere from 50 to 100 strands […]

The merchandise it’s a must to purchase in our hair care vary!

Summer time is back, earlier nights and the weather is getting cooler. We spend a little more time indoors, which frees up some time for self-care and especially hair care after the summer. By Irene Falcone Perfect timing, we just went live with our Haircare Flash Sale for our Haircare Hero products. Here is a […]

How to decide on the most effective shampoo bar on your hair

Regardless of hair type, length, color, or texture, a great shampoo is an essential pillar in any hair (and hygiene!) Routine. If you’ve switched to natural hair care and are using a natural organic shampoo, you’re already doing a great job for the environment – but why stop here ?! There is one product that […]