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Fable or Truth: Do Energy Rely the Secret to Sustainable Weight Loss?

We live in a time when fads are selling. From politics to nutrition, our culture has been prepared for the latest. The hottest. A must. This year’s macro is next year’s no-no (hi, carbs). One day dairy is forbidden; Next, cheese can help fight heart disease. Are we juicing? Are we not juicing? Do we […]

Extra sustainable champagne? These ladies take the decision

When people visit France’s champagne houses, they are often told the stories of famous widows throughout history who campaigned for the famous bubbly: the Veuve Clicquot or Lily Bollinger or Jeanne-Alexandrine Pommery. But in spite of such examples, women have actually long been on the edge of Champagne. “The many lives a woman has to […]